Not hungry

At the start of day 2 yesterday’s horrible headache was completely gone and I felt fine. I started my day with a 16 ounce (halve liter) grapefruit-orange juice at ten o’clock and an hour and a half later another one of these. I added 3 oranges and 2 red grapefruits. I can honestly say that I could drink this for the rest of my life. I looooove my grapefruits!! And this combination is insanely good.

Besides of not feeling hungry, in the video I talk about my day 1 headache and my crankiness and you get to meet my chicken.

Today I am watching a lot of Joe Cross video’s. Joe is the he-man when it comes to juicing. He made the 2011 documentary Fat, sick and nearly dead, which you can view on YouTube. Just type it into the search bar. I have seen the movie four times and it is inspiring every time. So business man Joe was overweight, enjoying life with every bite of junk food, alcohol and processed foods you can imagine. Turning forty he had developed an auto immune disorder and was feeling terrible day in day out. Then he started on his 60 day juice fast reboot and made and incredibly inspiring movie about it.

I am typing this at noon and I am not hungry and feeling fine. Let’s see how the rest of this day will be and I’ll give you a heads up tomorrow morning.

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Love, Tanja


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